We thought it was going to be a simple book reading. We were blown away!
— Ridaa Mian Chippa - mommy blogger @ diyaalifestyleblog

Let's Get Started

Omar S. Khawaja is the creator and award-winning author of the exciting "Ilyas & Duck" children's book series for young Muslim kids and their friends and neighbors.  He conducts a variety of events at schools, community centers and anywhere he can get to by flying, driving, biking, running or swimming.  Click HERE for general information about The Ilyas & Duck Show.  Then check out the options below to attend, host, or suggest a show in your city!

Attend a Show

We're using the power of the crowd to bring The Ilyas & Duck Show to communities everywhere!  Join your friends in one of our crowd-powered campaigns to help bring the Show to your neighborhood!  Or, find and attend a confirmed show near you. Click below to get started.


Host a Show

There are two ways to bring The Ilyas & Duck Show to your community:

1) Lend Us Your Space - give us a space - whether an auditorium or a large room - where we can hold the show.  We'll organize the entire event at no cost to you.  Click below for details.

2) Direct Hosting - you coordinate with us to schedule a show that you organize on a date and time that best suits your needs.  Some cost is involved with this option.  

Either way, you'll get a warm and fuzzy feeling knowing that YOU brought awesomeness into your community 🙌.  Click below for more details.


Suggest a Show

Interested in seeing the Ilyas & Duck Show in your city?  Click below and let us know where in the world you would like us to tour and we'll try our best to make it happen!