Ramadan Good Deeds Tracker




We are SO excited for Ramadan! This is a month for ramping up our good deeds and strengthening our imaan -- which is why we created this exciting good deed tracker! 

Every day after your child performs a good deed from the Good-Deeds List, color one of the gifts and stack it on top of the other gifts Duck is already holding. As the days of Ramadan pass and your child performs more good deeds, Duck will begin to carry more and more gifts - making it super fun to track.




1. Good Deed List

Click Image to print the Ramadan Good Deed List

Print the Good Deeds List provided, or write out your own. If you want an element of surprise cut each good deed into individual strips, fold them up, and place them in a jar. Then pull out one a day at random for your child to complete.


2.  Duck's Deed Tracker

Ramadan Duck Deed Tracker. Click image to print

Print out the B&W of "Duck's Deed Tracker" and have your child color him in (he prefers the color yellow).


3. Good Deed Presents

30 presents for 30 Good Deeds. Click image to print.

30 presents for 30 Good Deeds. Click image to print.

As your child completes the good deeds (either from the good deed list provided of your own list), give your child a "Good Deed Present." Print out the Good Deed Present page, cut one present for each days activity/good deed, color it in, and glue it to the Duck's Deed Tracker. After a few presents are glued to the Duck's Deed Tracker it will start looking really funny! :) See below example.


The Ramadan Deed Tracker should look something like the example below:


This is Duck holding all his Ramadan Deeds!

This is Duck holding all his Ramadan Deeds!