Having some fun and creating moments. Ilyas would love for you to participate and join him on #NationalLookaLikeDay.  How can you participate? Read on!


Instructions to participate on #NationalLookaLikeDay

  1. Wear an orange T-shirt
  2. Take a picture via your phone
  3. Place Ilyas's picture NEXT to yours.  
    • You can use your phone to do this by saving the picture to the left of this text.
    • Go to your facebook account and start to create a post.
    • When you are in that post, choose photos and select (on your phone) select Ilyas and your picture.
    • Use these words in your post: #NationalLookAlikeDay and #LookLikeIlyas
    • So we can see it Tag: Ilyas & Duck Facebook page
    • So your friends can see it, tag them too!
  4. The photo with the most fun will get a special something from the Treehouse.