#TeacherAppreciation Week
May 1st - 5th, 2017

"Teachers give us so much.  They're always ready to help when we need it.  We always remember them as we grow older.  Though we can't ever thank them enough, let's show them how quacked up we are over them with this #IlyasandDuck #TeacherAppreciation card.  Download the card and instructions here: LINK and don't forget to SHARE your CARDS with Ilyas & Duck by posting with the hashtag #IlyasandDucktivity #ThankaTeacher


Design Teacher Appreciation Card Instructions

Parents, share your amazing card with the world and use the hashtag #IlyasandDucktivity and #TeacherAppreciationWeek so we can see it too!


Gift Your Teacher

Aren't #teachers great? Gift your teacher a special Ilyas & Duck books gift set to add to their classroom. 

It's the perfect gift!  Now you can share the supreme excitement of all three Ilyas & Duck adventures carefully bundled in a slipcase then shrink-wrapped to keep the joy from escaping. Boxed set contains the following Ilyas & Duck stories:

  • Ilyas & Duck Search for Allah
  • Ilyas & Duck and the Fantastic Festival of Eid-al-Fitr
  • Ilyas & Duck in a Zakat Tale - a story about giving
Screenshot 2017-04-30 22.14.54.png

Bring the Ilyas & Duck show to your school

Give your teacher a little break by bringing some fun and education to his or her classroom / school!  The Ilyas & Duck Show has been making a positive impact in communities all over the U.S. and abroad!  Just look at one mommy blogger had to say about the show.  And now you can help bring the excitement to your community.